Film On offers Streaming TV
for the Iphone and is
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As we continue to look for ways to get live TV on the iPhone we have yet to find a device like the Slingbox that gives currently mainstream televison playback. What we found on is very interesting. has a way to stream tv shows of an off brand nature and you don’t need an app from the app store.

They do have shows that you can view for about 3 to 4 minutes before you are asked to log in or buy a subscription to view the channels. You will be able to buy a subscription to use the streaming service.

The packages they offer are:

USA Monster Pack – 1 Month Monster Pack – 195.00 Yearly
This package costs 19.95 per month

1. Unlimited Downloads

2. 6 Fre Movie Downloads

3. Live TV Channels in HDi

4. Movies Channels in HDi

5. Adult Channels in HDi

1. Two Months Free

2. Unlimited Player Downloads

3. 6 Free Movie Downloads

4. Live TV Channels in HDi

5. Movies Channels in HDi

6. Adult Channels in HDi

We found a ton of channels but most of them but could not find the main three programming that are mostly watched by the public. Some of the categories were free to use like, Weather Nation, NASA HD and Pentagonchannel; the  rest you have to pay for.

A few pay channels include BBC News, Russia Today, Corner Stone TV, Supreme master TV. We could go on but question still remains; are you getting live current Television programing that you really want to watch?

Although Film On offers a lot of streaming programs, It does not measure up to the Slingbox which truly offers live current television for smart phones like the iPhone, Android and the iPad as well.

As long as you have cable piped into your home like most people do, you can get live TV on your iPhone and other smart phones as well. The technology the sling box offers is second to none just by the fact that you can truly watch live TV from an iphone from anywhere in the world and not pay extra.

This is not a slam on but only an observation of what it doesn’t do to satisfy the goal of getting current TV on a smart phone. The fascination comes from observing the tevelevision age we live in; the need to know now nation; especially news, weather, traffic and sports.

We watch competitive sports on the edge of our seats or a good TV show with anticipation of the outcome of a story or win a sporting event.

What happens to those who can’t make to the event on time or the ones who get stuck in a hospital sick on the day of the event and don’t have access to a TV,  or the ones who are always late to events because of having to work late.

These are the ones that can really benefit getting Live TV on their iphone or iPad.

So if you are using are planning to use Film On as your source to get television on your iphone or iPad, please do.

If you want to get the cable you pay for monthly piped directly to your iPhone or iPad, try Slingbox.

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